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Artist's Statement

Marika Varady lives and works in Sydney, Australia. She studied painting in Sydney at the National Art School and later spent two years at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in Germany studying post graduate painting. A professional painter for over 35 years, Varady has participated in over 60 exhibitions both in Australia and overseas.

Marika has been a finalist in many competitions including the London International, Brisbane Art Prize, Norvill Art Prize, ANL Maritime Art Prize,  Mosman Art Prize, World Year of Physics Prize, Travelling Art Scholarship and the Waverley Art Prize. Her works are in various private collections in Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, New Zealand and USA. Over the last few years, Marika has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions at the prestigious Rochfort Gallery in North Sydney - a gallery committed to showcasing established and emerging Australian artists and artisans. 

Varady revives the centuries old method of using raw pigments and various oil based binders to make her own paints. This allows total control of her medium and this gives her work a glowing, almost mystical element. 


Her intricate study of forms engages in a simultaneous state of both being and becoming.  Veiled in lyrical movement, these works can convey the impression of the vast frescoed apse of a classical temple or the falling petals on an ancient glazed Japanese screen.  


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