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Artist's Statement

Marika Varady, based in Sydney, Australia, has honed her painting skills through a transformative journey, beginning at the National Art School in Sydney and culminating in two years of postgraduate study at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in Germany. As a seasoned professional artist with a rich history spanning over 37 years, Marika has exhibited her work in more than 70 exhibitions, across both Australian and international venues.

Marika's artistic excellence has earned her recognition as a finalist in prestigious competitions, including the London International, Brisbane Art Prize, Norvill Art Prize, ANL Maritime Art Prize, Mosman Art Prize, World Year of Physics Prize, Travelling Art Scholarship, and the Waverley Art Prize. Her creations have found homes in private collections across the globe, from Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and the USA. Notably, Marika has recently participated in several group exhibitions and held a solo exhibition at the esteemed Rochfort Gallery in North Sydney.

Marika Varady's artistic process is deeply rooted in tradition, as she revives the age-old technique of handcrafting her paints from raw pigments and various oil-based binders. This meticulous approach grants her complete mastery over her chosen medium, infusing her work with a luminous and almost otherworldly quality.


Within her intricate explorations of form, Varady captures a profound sense of simultaneous existence and transformation. Her creations are adorned with a graceful, lyrical movement that evokes the splendour of frescoes within classical temples or the gentle descent of petals upon an ancient Japanese glazed screen.


Oil and pigment on canvas 187x54cm (Framed) $8000

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